• "When I first visited Theresa for Reiki, I was very stressed and not coping with various
    family issues. At the beginning of each weekly session, Theresa and I would
    talk about how I was feeling and I found her clear insight very
    helpful. During the Reiki, she was able to release some
    of my blocked energy and start to restore balance to my body.
    As a result, I was able to put things into perspective
    without the worry and anxiety I had been experiencing.
    I felt more relaxed and able to cope once again.
    Now that I'm feeling much better I use Reiki
    a few times a year to maintain this feeling of
    well being."

    Karen - TV/Film Producer
  • “I have been having Reiki treatments on a weekly basis (6) and I have
    to say that I have come a long way since I started. I feel much more clearer
    and can 'see' my situation so much better. I also feel empowered
    to move forward in my life. Thank you so much Theresa,
    for all your patience, understanding and helping me to 'see'.
    I will certainly be taking your
    Level I Reiki course next month.”

    Kristen - Nurse

What is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki?

The Word Reiki (pronounced ray - key) is Japanese. It is the make up of two words ‘Rei’ which means 'Universal Life' or 'Spiritual Wisom', in the sense of everywhere, and also ‘Ki’ which means the same as prana or chi, i.e. the vital life force within everything alive. Reiki is also the descriptive name for the Usui art of Natural Healing,' which was rediscovered and developed by Dr. Mikao Usui of Kyoto, Japan toward the end of the 19th century. The process of an initiation (or an attunement) is what sets Reiki apart from every other forms of 'laying on of hands' or touch healing. There are three degrees/levels of Usui Reiki.

Reiki is not a religion and is not affiliated with any such religion. Anyone can learn Reiki: Reiki does not discriminate, as it is a pure, loving and positive healing energy. It does not take special ability or years of practice, as Reiki can be easily learnt in a day or two with immediate effective, positive results.
What is Karuna Reiki®?

Karuna Reiki® was developed by William Rand of the International Centre for Reiki Training. Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassionate action”. This is a twelve symbol healing system, which brings in healing energies that are noticeably stronger and able to more quickly heal a wider range of dis-ease. Many who have been Reiki Masters for years begin channeling healing results that are more powerful than previously experienced.

Karuna and Usui Energies
Each form of the Reiki energy has its unique characteristics; however they work exceedingly well together. It is very powerful to weave the Usui energy between the Karuna frequencies in a treatment and it is beneficial to close a Karuna session with Usui and Karuna energies combined.
How can you experience Reiki Healing?
Reiki is experienced whilst the client relaxes fully clothed on a massage table while the practitioner lightly lays his/her hands on, engulfing the body front and back with pure Reiki energy – Reiki works on the whole body, inside and out.
Reiki addresses physical, mental, emotional and energetic imbalances. It also promotes overall well-being, healing and optimal good health.
Who can benefit from Reiki?
We can all benefit from Reiki Healing; it is suitable for people of all ages and is helpful with a wide range of health related issues, including:
Sports Injuries
Back Pain
Rheumatic Pain
Digestive Problems
Menstrual problems
High Blood Pressure
Skin Disorders
Phobias and Addictions
Reiki works well in conjunction with conventional treatments.
Reiki courses on offer

Introduction to Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki

This 2.5 hour course is for those wanting to know the basics of Usui Reiki and receive a 20 min taster before deciding on whether a Reiki treatment or Reiki I course is for them. Please arrange an appointment (if prefer a one-to-one) on the number/email below or ask for the next course on offer.


  • "My all time favorite spiritual enriching course. Reiki one gives you the gift of self healing and balance. Theresa makes this experience, intimate, enjoyable, interesting, and the tools along with the support you receive are immeasurable. Reiki has changed my life and I am extremely thankful for Theresa Kahn's love of teaching and commitment to the greater good of people!!!"

    Rani Archuleta - Teacher's Aid & Student
  • "I took Reiki level I and II with Theresa Kahn and she is very skilled as well as qualified, and professional. It was a very good experience learning from her. She is a sensitive and positive person. Now I use Reiki in my everyday life and it has been giving me a new source of energy and strength."

    Laura Turinetto - Language Teacher

Certificated Courses in USUI SHIKI RYOHO REIKI

Reiki I - First Degree - Shoden


This is a two day course. Anyone who is interested in learning First Degree Reiki can join. At the end of the course you will have an effective way of helping yourself, friends and family; by using the 'hand positions' for giving a self treatment and 'hand positions for healing others'. You will learn about the History of Reiki (both Japanese and the West), the Reiki Precepts, How Reiki Works: Theory and Practice of Reiki, as well as attuning you to channel Reiki energy, (4 attunements given). You will also learn some Japanese Techniques and much, much more. A First Degree Reiki Manaul is included, a Reiki Level I Diploma and Lineage will be given on successful completion of the course.

See 'Events Page' for the next available date of this course.

Reiki II - Second Degree - Okuden


This is a two day course, which covers the three Reiki Symbols, Distance Healing: practice sending distance healing to another and/or a situation, further energy practices and further Japanese Techniques for Okuden Level Reiki. On the second day we will look at: Setting up a Reiki practice, Principles of Practice, Case Studies, Reflective awareness... and much, much more. You will receive two attunements at this level. Anyone having completed a Reiki One course can learn Reiki Two. A Second Degree Reiki Manual is included, a Reiki Level II Diploma and Lineage will be given on successful completion of the course.

See 'Events Page' for the next available date of this course.

Reiki III/Master - Third Degree - Shinpiden

Please telephone for an interview and/or for further information on:
Reiki Master Practitioner course
Reki Master Teacher course

See 'Events Page' for the next available date of this course.

KARUNA REIKI® MASTERY is only taught to Reiki Masters. It has been found that in order for you to gain the full benefit of Karuna Reiki you must be ready. This can happen only if your energy system has first been conditioned through the use of the Reiki Master energies. The Karuna Reiki® Masters I and II Workshop will be taught over 3 days. The course will be accompanied by a comprehensive manual, full certification from the International centre for Reiki Training (U.S.A.) and another certificate from your Reiki-Master Teacher. This course is kept to two students only at a time, so please enquire about dates available.

For all of the above courses, you will be given on- going mentoring and support from your Teacher. A more in-depth course outline, including all of the topics covered, (for the above courses) can be sent to you upon request.

Where are the sessions and courses held?

Please ask for the specific dates (and view the 'Events Page') to see scheduled courses and training. Sessions and courses are held in Maida Vale, London and at other venues around the country upon request, and at a venue arranged by the students.

How can I arrange for a Reiki Consultation/Treatment and/or Courses?

Please send an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need further information on the above or want to book a course and/or a treatment/consultation.

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