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Develop a Tool-Kit-Package of strategies and interventions for dealing with life’s challenges.

Do you sometimes feel over-whelmed with life’s difficulties?
Do you feel paralyzed with fear during a stressful situation?
Does stress, worry or even heartache keep you awake at night?
How we met
Tool-Kit Package

tried and tested techniques

Imagine what it would be like if, when you encounter challenging situations in the future, rather than going into a tail-spin of confusion, you instead are equipped to reduce impact and restore a sense of clarity...
Theresa is deeply empathic and totally connected to her heart centred consciousness.

She is profoundly intuitive and extremely wise.

Theresa has an excellent ability to write about esoteric/complexed subjects for others to be able to understand and be inspired by.

Joyful, light, playful and fun, yet very grounded and strong.

A delight to be around and a gift to anyone who is lucky enough to work with her.

Theresa's Clients' Words
Theresa Kahn

Theresa has been using these techniques and strategies in the provision of therapy for many years.

Trained in the Mindfulness approach by the British Psychological Society, Theresa is also a qualified and experienced Sensitive Stress Management Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and works as an Intuitive Guide. She is a qualified teacher and trainer and has taught the Mindfulness at Work approach to organisations throughout the UK.
Your Tool-Kit Package

What to Expect

• Once you have purchased this Tool-Kit-Package, Theresa will make contact with you to arrange the first of the 6 one-to-one sessions. Subsequent session will then be booked at a time to suit.
• Key skills and strategies will be provided for you throughout the 6 sessions, in a form of hand-outs, audio files and worksheets for practise and development.
• A comprehensive workbook, (in PDF format).
• Within 48 hours after each session, you will be provided with a Personal Development Plan that summarises the specific work that you have done in that session, together with the key skills, strategies and interventions covered. Helpful ‘next-steps’ and ‘ways forward’ will also be highlighted.
Your Tool-Kit Package

How does it work?

• A group of six one-to-one sessions with Theresa Kahn, using a tele-medicine/webcam programme.
• A Personal Development Plan in a form of a written document outlining the topics and issues covered in each of your one-to-one sessions, together with a description of the techniques and strategies employed so that these can be practised and perfected.
• Clients will be provided with a comprehensive workbook (in the form of a PDF document), which they are encouraged to print and make use of during the sessions and thereafter.
• Email contact (re-cap, re-assurance and re-enforcement) with Theresa, throughout your period of working together and for an extended period of one month after your final sessions has finished.

For this fabulous Tool-kit-Package, you receive Six sessions with Theresa Kahn and you only pay for Five!

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• Easily paid for and booked online!
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• Using a tele-medicine/webcam programme that is assessable anywhere in the world!
• Lots of Research Evidence to suggest that the techniques and strategies covered in the Tool-Kit-Package are effective in combating a whole range of issues and difficulties!
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