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Angel Blessing Cards

Although very simple, they pack a punch, and yet very gentle, loving and light, like the Angels!!! There are 52 Blessings Cards, (the same size as playing cards), with a key theme of what you will want to reflect on. The key theme acts as a message for you too - and within each card is a very clear blessing just for you or for those people you have drawn the card for.

These cards can be used alone or with other cards (Angel or otherwise) that you regularly use. If you have never used Angel cards before, this is a perfect set of cards for the first time user.

Each deck comes with a purple velvet bag, an 'Angel feather', lot's of love and pure joy from the Angels! Instructions are included.

Blessings from the Angels are very powerful and potent. Remember too that Angels are non-denominational, so anyone can call upon them for help, guidance and support. All you need to do is ASK!

Price: £5.50 per deck (plus, £2.50 for postage and packaging)

To order these 'light-filled' Angel Blessing Cards, please click on the link below:

Angelic Rose Mist Sprays

Only Available For Shipping within the United Kingdom

This spray is lovingly hand-made by Theresa Kahn-O’Doherty, who works with a variety of therapeutic modalities as a means of helping clients to reach their true potential and path, together with teaching them to connect to their ‘well-ness stream’.

After several years of using this Divine Angelic Rose spray, for her use only; and having many of her clients wanting to take home a bottle - she was guided to create this beautiful Angelic Rose Mist for other therapists, and anyone who would benefit in having a pure loving Angelic aroma surround:

  • Any working space
  • The therapist before and after a session
  • Over the client after the session
  • Any space that feels like it needs clearing, cleansing and in need of a high vibrational feel!

Price: £9.99 (plus £2,50 postage and packaging)

To order your blue bottle(s) of ‘pure magic’ please click on the link below:

Ingredients: Rose Essence from India and demineralised water. Extra Special Ingredients are: Meditation for bringing in Reiki, Prayers, Intention and Blessings from the Angelic Realm.

When purchasing these special blue glass bottles, (100ml) of Angelic Rose Mist, you will receive an Angel Blessing (in card form) guided by the Angelic Realm, together with a red organza bag, (filled with sparkly bits) to carry it all in. Instructions are included.
I love Theresa's Angelic Rose Mist spray! As an aesthetician I use the spray before and after my treatments to clear the energy. My clients always compliment the aroma and I notice they are always in a relaxed state of mind. I also retail these beautiful sprays and find it hard to keep them on the shelf! They are very popular here in Texas! They make the perfect gift, but I find it to be the best gift for myself and for my practice.

(Mary - Texas, USA)
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