Radio Interviews on Talk, Mind and Heart

One thing that all of the people being interviewed will have in common is their dedication to the betterment of the planet and all of its inhabitants.

My role in carrying out these interviews is to help promote the sharing of this valuable knowledge and wisdom.

You can listen to the interview below:

Awakening the Illuminated Heart
Interview with Daniel Mitel

To find out more about Daniel Mitel's work, visit:

Living in the Heart in Right Relationship with Mother Earth
Interview with 'Little Grandmother' (Keisha Crowther)

To find out more about Little Grandmother's work, visit:

Interview with Jasmuheen:

If you want to be inspired and feel the love flow, then listen to Jasmuheen's words of wisdom. She works tirelessly to plant the seeds that bring into form cosmic information for a more healthy and harmonious world.
To find out more about Jasmuheen's work, visit:

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